"If God is just, I tremble for my country."
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The NEED ACT by Dennis Kucinich

This is the best bill I have seen in a long time. It would effectively end the Federal Reserve System, put the creation of money back into Congress and the Treasuries hands, get rid of our debt-based currency and replace it with a wealth based currency. This is a return to our constitutionally mandated monetary system. I can not stress this bills importance enough. If this bill was to pass (doubtful) we would have a mandate to maintain our currencies value instead of having a 2% inflation mandate that the Fed seems to think it has. Having a wealth based currency that would maintain the value of our currency would mean that money earned now would have the same value 20 years from now. It would mean that lower and middle class families would have savings accounts that actually grow in real terms.

The Need Act

Its time for people like Ron Paul and Rand Paul, along with other "libertarians" or "Austrian's" to show that they are true to their word by voting for this bill.

I will do a more in-depth rundown of why this is needed in a few days, but I am still reading through parts of it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Have Big Banks Paid Back TARP? NO

There is a common theme that has been surfacing for the past few months that Tarp made us some money. Since TARP was a loan program that big banks are suppossed to pay back the thought is that we have recieved our money back and then some. This is not true. Yes it is a loan program, but it has not been paid back (not even close) and the parts that have been paid back to us have been paid back with our own money.

TARP gave out over 607 Billion to over 900 recipients. We have received a little over 202 Billion back to us.

Here is the list of banks that received money and how much they have paid back

Also, of the banks that have paid us back.....

How did you get the money to pay us back?

Market Manipulation?  Yes

Borrowing from the government and getting money on the bond spread?  Yes

The money that has been paid back to us has been done so through our money. We loan banks money at 0-1% and they turn around and purchase Bonds from our government at 3-4%. This is where the money that was paid back came from. Our money loaned out to banks, which was then loaned back to us and we pay a margin to the banks, who then pay us money back on TARP. These banks have not made money and then paid us, they have paid us with our own money.

Also, on the market manipulation

This is where the rest of the money comes from. Using High-Frequency Trading banks manipulate markets thus causing you and I to lose money on our stock purchases. This money that was taken from us through COMPLETELY ILLEGAL means is then paid back to us through TARP. It is not banks paying back any of the funds that have come back to us through TARP, it is you and I that have paid money into TARP.

Friday, November 12, 2010

QE2 and China

I have been hearing a common theory on many liberal and/or keynesian websites since the announcement of QE2. That theory goes something like; QE2 will devalue the currency, just as China is doing and if we do this we can regain our lost exports. It is time that we end this unfair trade deficit.

I will leave out any moral or ethical reasonings.....

There are several problems with this theory.

1) You are living in a vacuum if you believe this will work.

2) The devaluation isn't as big as China's 

3) Investment will be lost

4) Savings will be lost

There are many different factors going into our trade deficit with China and currency devaluation is not the main culprit. It does play a role, but that role has a lot more to do with wage differences than currency devaluation. The regulations in China are non-existent, along with no real minimum wage laws. Companies right now are functioning on minimum profit margins (except Big Banks) and many have let go of workers. With our minimum wage laws we have numerous people that could do some light labor for a small wage, but aren't allowed to. If a restaurant wants to hire a 16 year old to work 15 hrs. a week to do dishes for $6/hr he should be able to, but since the minimum wage law is higher than that, the 16 year old does not have a job and someone already working will have that piled onto their already expanding work load. Couple this with our tax laws for non-global companies and we are screwed. Large corporations can keep their taxes low by using global accounting methods, but those smaller companies that don't have a large overseas client base are not able to use those methods and are thus forced to pay our extremely high taxes. Couple this with all of the new regulations within the Obama Healthcare Legislation and you have a very unfriendly environment for companies to succeed in. A chinese company doesn't have to worry about environmental regulations or worker safety or paying their employees a minimum wage. All of these factors cause far more detriment to the U.S. economy than chinese currency devaluation does. In fact, this currency devaluation acts as a way to lower the wages of workers already being paid little to nothing in China, but over here we raise the minimum wage every few years causing the wage difference to become even larger.

Along with that, our QE2 package isn't even big enough to match the currency devaluation of China. If we use our own CPI data (ya, I know its a junk stat) we are at 1.1 inflation while China is in the 4% range. If we were to make a dent through this theory of currency devaluation we would need an even larger package. We have been devaluing our currency since the Fed came into existence in 1913 and to an even larger extent since the end of Bretton Woods, but our trade gap has increased.

Also this theory completely ignores the loss of savings and investment that are effects of inflation. With the increase in the money supply comes higher prices. While we are in a weak economy we have had average wages decrease and unemployment up around 9.5% (U-3). So having prices rise while wages are shrinking makes it very hard for people to save (not to mention low interest rates from the fed). If people don't have the money to save and can't make any money from their savings due to the low interest rates we have absolutely nothing to invest. Investment has already been going abroad due to our high tax rates and heavy regulations, but couple that with low yields from saving and there is nothing to invest for the future.

This theory does not work in reality and never will.

9% raises for White House Workers

9%??? Seriously????

I wish I could get a raise for doing horrible work. I love the part where there was a pay freeze..... as long as you kept the same title. Different title? Give that person a raise.

I wonder if the private sector can give raises with lower incoming revenue......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Recession: Margin Collapse

The next battle this country is going to take in this never ending recession has to do with margins. Profit margins. Due to the idiotic QE2 policy of our favorite person at the Fed, Bernanke, commodity prices are going through the roof and I see no stop to it. The part of the problem that we are just getting into has to do with food prices. Due to the inflationary tendencies of the people in Washington food prices are on a rocket ship.


This is going to cause food companies such as Kraft and General Mills to do one of two things: either they can eat the cost and not raise their prices or they can raise their prices into lower national wages and high unemployment. Neither of these are good choices, but they will have to do one of them. If they eat the cost then they will be forced to lay off workers, if they raise prices then there will be falling sales, which again leads to layoffs. But people have to eat you say? Well that's right!! That's why its not going to be falling sales in their company, but in other companies. The luxuries will be gone, no money for new computers, cars, T.V.s, Cell Phones, etc. etc. etc......

Here is where the problem is. Food companies will survive off of low profit margins (for a while anyways), but those food products will eat into any spending that is for the fun stuff. When you eat into that spending everything collapses. This country is a consumer driven market and without the consumer spending there is no market. It's done. Finished. Gone. Especially when all of those fun tech toys take silver and lithium. Which are both on the rise. So we are going to have higher food prices, leading to less consumer spending on goods that now cost even more..... and apparently this makes perfect sense to people in Washington?!?!?!

$#%! Them!!!!